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MCP 1.01 (90k)   -   MiNT Configuration Program
GEM program designed to help users manage their MiNT configuration file (MINT.CNF).   [LP]

CacheSetter (11k)   -   Processor Setting   [E]
Configures the processor caches (included in the Kernel 1.15.5).   [draco]

dosfstools 2.4 Rel.2 (82k)   -   FAT-Tool   [E]
Checks and repairs FAT, FAT32 and VFAT filesystems.   [F.Naumann]

e2fsprogs 1.19 Rel.1 (900k)   -   ext2fs utilities   [E]
Tools for initialization and maintenance of ext2 filesystems, contains mke2fs, e2fsck, tune2fs, mklost+found. Needs the ext2.xfs to work.   [F.Naumann]

Fsetter 0.7 (61k)   -   Filesystem Tool   [D]   [E]
Configures various parameters of the new FAT/VFAT/FAT32 filesystem (included in the Kernel 1.15.5).   [C.Felsch]

mkfatfs 0.22b   -   FAT Utility   [dir]
Creates filesystems of the typ FAT12 (TOS compatible), FAT16 or FAT32 (included in the Kernel 1.15.5).   [F.Naumann]

SetMMU 0.7b (54k)   -   for the Hades   [E]   [ozk]

AES 4.1 (209k)   -   GEM.SYS
Latest (beta) version from Atari.

XaAES 0.963 (382k)   -   Sources (910k)   [E]
Alternative GEM replacement, pre-release.   [H.Robbers]

X11-Server/GEM 0.14.2   -   [E]
Allows to run X11 programs under GEM. Needs eventually sockdev.xdd 1.5.1 or newer.   [AltF4]

Gandhi 2.14   -   Trap Dispatcher   [D]   [A.Bär]

GEM-init 0.97 (593k)   -   Graphical Login   [D]   [E]
Supports multiuser operation under GEM.   [U.Kaiser]

GuiTAR 0.5 (beta) (96k)   -   "GEM User Interface for TAR"   [D]   [E]
Graphical frontend for tar- and tgz-files, needs external tar & gzip.   [AltF4]

MiNT-Setter 4.0   -   System utility   [E]   [kellis]

MultiStrip 1.55 (184k)   -   Task Bar   [D]
Needs TTGL for configuration.   [T.Kuenneth]

ShutdownMaster Rev. 25.I.2002 (16k)   -   System shutdown   [E]
Closes the system clean. With a shell script it is possible to avoid the filesystem check at the next start, if the system was stopped cleanly (Kernel 1.15.5 includes an older version).   [draco]

ShutUp 1.0 (39k)   -   System shutdown   [D]   [E]
Comfortable configuration for system boot and shutdown, no multiuser support.   [M.Nau]

StringServer 31.1098 (147k)   -   [E]
Comparable to an AV-Server, but allows more assignments to applications.   [ozk]

Taskbar 3.00 alpha (229k)   -   Start menu   [E]   [J.Skastein]

TosWin2 2.6 (105k)   -   Terminal emulation forAES 4.1 / N.AES / XaAES   [D]   [E]
Additional english (5k) resources and texts.   [C.Felsch]

TTGL 1.21 (40k)   -   Configuration tool for MultiStrip and TWSM/2   [D]   [E]   [T.Kuenneth]

TWSM/2 2.3 (126k)   -   Virtual Desktops   [D]
Needs TTGL for configuration.   [T.Kuenneth]

WakeGEM R11 (4k)   -   Watchdog   [E]
Cures the "GEM sleep bug".   [draco]
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