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MiNT Mailing List   -   Archive of articles since 1993.
How to subscribe or unsubscribe and rules to take part in the mailing list can be found in the FAQ.

MiNT-Doc   -   [E]   The official documentation from the actual kernel release.

MiNT-Doc Hypertext   -   TGZ or ZIP   -     [draco]   [E.Aichinger]
Actualized and complemented version in ST-Guide format in english and german, contains an additional intoduction for beginners.

"Getting started with MiNT"   -   [E]   [Oliver Skelton]
Introduction how to install MiNT.

"MiNT"   -   [E]   [YesCREW]
Common information and various links to tools.

"MiNT is Now TOS"   -   [E]   [Eero Tamminen]
General information and some links to tools.

"MiNT is Now TOS"   -   [E]   [kellis]
Short description of MiNT.

"MiNT-Net für Dummies"   -   [D]   [M.Kehr]
"MiNT-Net for Lamers"   -   [E]
Intoduction from the distribution to install MiNT-Net.

"MiNTOS"   -   [E]   [kellis]
Description about the advantages of a Un*x-alike system.

"SpareMiNT für Dummies"   -   Hypertext [D]   [M.Kehr]
German installation and operating instructions for the Redhead Package Manager and rpm-packages.

Legend:    [dir]: directory  [D]: german description  [E]: english description  [F]: french description

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