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1.04 (362k)   -   Actual Version [RPM 1.04-4]   [D]
Contains sockdev.xdd, arp, diald, ifconfig, iflink, ifstats, masqconf, netstat, pppconf, route, slattach   [T.Lang]
1.01   -     [E]   [K.Römer]

MiNT-Net für Dummies / MiNT-Net for Lamers   -   see Distributions

CrippleMiNT 0.1 (1222k)   -   [D]   [E]
Installs a minimum MiNT/MiNTnet environment at a TOS filesystem.   [M.Kehr]

EZppp (63k)   -   Setup
Shell script for easy setup of MiNT-Net.   [kellis]

CAB-Ovl 1.8604 (372k)   -   CAB Module   [E]
Contains CAB.OVL and sources.   [H.Chu]

SSL-Ovl   -   CAB Module with SSL   [E]
Based on version 1.8408, supports "Secure Socket Layer".   [J.Sivusalo]

ppp 2.3.11 (295k)   -   "Point to Point Protocol" Daemon [RPM 2.3.11-2]
Contains pppd, pppdump, chat.   [F.Naumann]

Apache 1.3.14 RPM (1175k)   -   HTTP Daemon   [E]   [T.Binder]
Apache 1.3.3   -   [E]   [J.Blakeley]

fingerd 6.4 (24k)   -   Berkeley Finger Server
Needs inetd.

ftpd pl10 (101k)   -   BSD Ftp Daemon   [draco]

GlueSTiK 0.30 (89k)   -   STiK to MiNT-Net Gateway   [dir]
Daemon for using Stik/Sting-Clients under MiNT-Net.   [F.Naumann]

inetd pl 02   -   Internet Services Daemon   [E]   [K.Römer]

ntalk pl1 (90k)   -   Berkeley Communikation Program
Contains server and client, needs inetd.

RPC 4.0 pl2 (397k)   -   SUN Remote Procedure Calls
Contains portmap, rpc, rpc.statd, rpcgen, rpcinfo, rstat.   [K.Römer]

aFTP 1.55b (154)   -   FTP Client   [E]   [Atack]

aMail 1.27b (282k)   -   Email Client (MiNT-Net Version)   [E]

dip 3.37u pl 02   -     [E]   [K.Römer]

finger 6.14 (45k)   -   Berkeley Finger
Displays user information.

ftp 0.17 Rel.2   RPM (156k)   -   [E]
ftp pl 03   -   [E]   [K.Römer]

Lynx 2.8.4   RPM (1.2M)   -   ASCII based HTML-Browser, supports SSL   [E]
Needs 68020 or better and FPU!
Lynx 2.8 (552K)   -   (without SSL)   [E]   [J.Sivusalo]

ntalk   -   see at Deamons/Server

Pine 4.10   -   News&Email Tool   [E]   [J.Sivusalo]

SSH 1.2.26   -   Secure Shell   [E]   [J.Sivusalo]

telnet pl 01   -     [E]   [K.Römer]

tin 1.4b (338k)   -   News Reader   [joska]

Connexion 0.7.5 (15k)   -   GEM Dialer   [E]   [joska]

Greed 8 Beta5 (60k)   -   "Get and Resume Elite EDition"
FTP/HTTP Download-Tool.   [kellis]

Internet Junkbuster 2.0 (146k)   -   HTTP Proxy   [F]   [E]
Filters packages from unwanted servers, e.g. add banners.   [P.Mandin]

MiCo   -   GEM based pppd Dialer   [D]   [E]
MiCo-Dial 2.08b german (53k)   and english (62k),
MiCo-Konfig 2.04b german (53k)   and english (62k)   [M.Kehr]

nslookup 5.3 (77k)   -   Berkeley nameserver query   [K.Römer]

OpenSSH 3.2.3 pl1 (633k)   -   Clients (975k), Server (463k)   -   Secure Shell   [E]
Needs 68020 or better and FPU!   [T.Binder]

ping   -     [E]   [K.Römer]

traceroute 1.1 (52k)   -   [K.Römer]
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