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Packages and Distributions.

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SpareMiNT   -   [E]   RPM Packages   [dir]   [F.Naumann]   [G.Flohr]

EasyMiNT 1.4b   -   Homepages (Download):   [D]   [E]
GEM-Installer for SpareMiNT   [M.Kehr]

Debian-GNU/MiNT   -   [E]   Debian Packages   [dir]   [NoCREW]

MiNT-Net   -   Internet Package   see Network

MiNT-Net für Dummies III   -   erstens.zip (496k) +Teil 1 (992k) +Teil 2 (1366k)   [D]
MiNT-Net for Lamers III   -   first.zip (496k) +Part 1 (992k) +Part 2 (1366k)   [E]
Contains the necessary programs and scripts to run MiNT-Net. The really extensive introduction is also online available in german and english.   [M.Kehr]

KEMD r2 (441k)   -   English Tranlation of the KGMD
Contains newer components than the KGMD, but outdated parts should be replaced by newer ones.   [kellis]

KGMD   -   "Knarf's German MiNT Distribution"   [D]
Outdated Complete Package, but still a good starting point. Most of the parts should be replaced by newer ones.   [knarf]

YesTOOLS 1.3 (2200k)   -     [E]
Contains NCFtp 2.4.2b, Pine 3.9.6, Pico 2.9, Lynx 2.8, Adduser 2.0, Shutdown 0.4.   [YesCREW]

MiNTos 1.4.1   -   Distribution   [E]   [S.Usher]

Legend:    [dir]: directory  [D]: german description  [E]: english description  [F]: french description

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