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The X.app program is an X Server (in compliance with the X verion 11, release 6.4 protocol) and gives you the possibility to run X11-Clients under the GEM environment. These may be either started local if compiled for MiNT, or remote from some un*x-box.

Here you can see two screenshots from my Falcon's desktop, the first with some X applications running local and the second with an application running remote on a BSD machine.


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ATARI or clone with 030 or better, at least 10 MByte RAM, FreeMiNT >= 1.15.6 and NVDI >= 4.1, N.AES or XaAES or AES 4.1. You don't need a complete MiNTnet setup! (see below at 'Download').
Additional, it's highly recommended to have TosWin2 running because the server wants to tell you in the console window what it's doing at the moment...   :-)
Nearly all color depths are supported, expect of 2 planes (4 colors) and 15 bit PC format.

Being a GEM-Application the server and its files simply need to be copied to a directory of your choice. Furthermore, the directory /var/lib must exist and be writeable. To tell the clients where to contact the server, the environment variable DISPLAY has to be set to "0:0.0", best to do so in your mint.cnf.

Optionally you may install special GDOS-fonts to have the server using the complete ISO Latin-1 (page 0) fontset encoding (see below).

Much more hints and explanations can be found in the README file.  

Several at this time.


Here are some clients from the Xfree86-4.0 package compiled for MiNT:

xconsole 6.4 (624k)   Displays all output of programs to /dev/console in its window. Install this if you don't want to install or use TosWin2's console window and also don't want some output written over the desktop.

xmodmap 6.4 (399k)   Utility to change the keyboard and mouse pointer mapping for X clients.  

xdpyinfo   Displays the capabilities and various parameters of the server.
xlsatoms   Lists interned atoms by the server.
xlsfonts 6.4 (388k)   Lists fonts provided by the server.
xfd 6.4 (638k)   Displays all the characters in a font.
xfontsel 6.0 (653k)   Font selection utility.
xkill 6.4 (355k)   Forces the X server to close connections to clients.
xwininfo 6.4 (389k)   Displays informations about (X)windows.
oclock   A desktop clock.
xclock   Another desktop clock.
xeyes   THE original... :-)
xcalc 6.0 (644k)   Simple calculator.

Other programs, fresh compiled with X11R6.4:

knews 1.0b.1 Rel.2 (763k)   On/Offline News Reader.
xskat 3.3 (599k)   Colorfull card game.

Some older progams, compiled with X11R5 but should still work:

xswarm 2.3 (94k)   Nice demo.
xsol (91k)   Solitaire game by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
xspread 2.1 (507k)   Spread sheet programm.
chimera 1.63 (354k)   Stone old web browser.
more will follow soon...

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